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Corporate Photography

You already know that human capital is the most valuable asset at your company, but does your website reflect that value? In today’s digital age, a welcoming, personalized image isn’t optional, it's the new baseline. 

After working in the corporate world, launching my own business, and photographing everyone from CEOs and Senators to new entrepreneurs, I've learned a few things about bringing out the best in people. A great photographer is the difference between a lifeless photo and a portrait that communicates your personality and profession.

Take a look at the options below or just  send me an email about your project. I look forward to working with you!


Regardless of your industry or product, all successful businesses are built on people and relationships. 

Getting everyone excited about new headshots isn't easy (until you find the right photographer). I pride myself on putting people at ease and creating portraits that capture your personality and profession.

Sessions are tailored to your company culture and the final images range from classic corporate headshots to more informal portraits in your workspace. Before beginning any project, we'll discuss the best fit for your company.

Team Portraits make a big impression on future clients and employees. Nothing communicates your company culture like photos of your people in your workplace.

As with individual portraits, we'll begin planning your session by brainstorming how you want to use your images and what you want to communicate through them. Together, we'll find the right location and style for your team.


Big or small, events say a lot about your business! My event photography captures all the details and energy of your event so you can keep morale boosted all year long. 

I've photographed events everywhere from Capitol Hill to the Indianapolis Zoo, and I'm sure I'll feel right at home in your venue!

Excellent branding photos quickly and creatively tell your story.  Give your clients something new and exciting to share: show off your employees at work or showcase your products in beautifully styled flat lays. 

Whether you use them for Instagram or newsletters, branding photos keep people's attention where you want it: on your company. 



Corporate Events

Branding Photos

Team Portraits

I'd love to hear about your business and how I can help you create a welcoming, professional, and cohesive public image. To get started, use the form below, or send me an email at

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