Kelly and Chuck's Anniversary Portraits

Kelly and Chuck were married exactly two years ago today. On their wedding day, they had  hoped to take portraits at the U.S. Capitol Building, but a heavy rain ruined their plans.

With their two year anniversary approaching, Chuck and Kelly decided to try again. They planned a return trip to DC and asked if I could help recreate this missed moment.

On the morning of our portraits, it was raining steadily and the temperature was hovering in the mid-30's. When I asked Kelly if she wanted to reschedule, she said this was their only chance, and they were willing to go for it if I was.

 I totally was.

On my drive into the city, I noticed that the rain was freezing into hail. But by the time I got to the Capitol, the rain and hail had disappeared and we just had a beautiful overcast sky and the lawn of the Capitol all to ourselves.

And that's how we got these magical photos.

Happy Anniversary Kelly and Chuck!