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June 26, 2019

Destination Beach Wedding on Hilton Head Island


Everything about this day was such a delight and joy for me. Ever since our ballet-inspired engagement session last summer, I’ve been dying to see Meg and Paul again. These two are utter magic together, whether they are dancing on stage or just lighting up the room with their smiles.

It doesn’t hurt that beach weddings are some of my favorite (to attend or to photograph!) And Meg and Paul are exactly the kind of laid-back and romantic couple who should get married on the ocean.

I have a lot to say about it all (and, honestly, way too many photos for one blog post) but I think you will want to stick around through the last dance, because it was pretty fantastic.

We started the day with Meg and her ladies at The Beach House.


I loved working with this small and happy band of ladies. They were all so kind and eager to help Meg (and me!) When we wrapped up inside, I took Meg outside for some portraits before the first look.

Since the resort area and surrounding beach were crowded, and the day was especially hot and muggy, I wanted someplace quiet and shady for our photos. As it happened, the best location was a huge, wooded traffic circle that just happened to be cool and deserted. It ended up being absolutely perfect for an intimate first look and portraits of the whole wedding party too!


Once we wrapped up our wedding party portraits, I told everyone to go cool off  before the ceremony. I’m glad there are no pictures of me during this session because I was working up quite a sweat!

Fortunately, things cooled off a bit before the ceremony. The forecast included a chance of thunderstorms, but the sky stayed clear, and everyone got to enjoy a dreamy ceremony on the sand.

We moved right into family portraits, and I absolutely love the ones with all the adorable nieces and nephews!


Aren’t those some of the sweetest family photos you’ve ever seen? After we wrapped up with the big group, we found a secluded spot to get a few more photos of Meg and Paul before their big entrance to the reception.


I loved this outdoor reception on the sand, and I’m so glad Meg and Paul got to have their first dance under the open sky. After dinner, a big storm rolled in, so the amazing resort staff relocated the party inside in about ten minutes.

I spent the last hour of the day enjoying an epic dance party with about twenty professional dancers twirling glow sticks and my bride and groom re-enacting an epic scene from Dirty Dancing.


Meg and Paul, thank you so much for bringing me along to Hilton Head for your wedding! I think it’s fair to say I had the time of my life. Let’s do it again for your 25th anniversary!

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