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June 5, 2019

Spring Engagement Session in Downtown Carmel


If there’s anything better than two people in love, it might be those same people with a Corgi puppy. Shalynn and John and sweet little Ivy were a delight to photograph (and they designed a perfect photo itinerary of the loveliest places in downtown Carmel.)

We started off on Main Street, where John and Shalynn enjoyed many dates and strolls as they were falling in love. We wanted photos at a few of their favorite spots, and I couldn’t resist shooting some window reflections with a perfect spring color palette.


One of my favorite things about Shalynn and John is how thoughtful they’ve been in planning for their photos. In addition to choosing all the locations, Shalynn told me she wanted to be sure we took a few individual portraits. She said, “Part of what makes our relationship so great is that we are so different.”

I love this kind of preparation and thoughtfulness, and I’m so happy with the portraits we made for each of them at the Palladium.


One of my favorite locations was the Kawachinagano Japanese Garden. With flowering trees and lush greenery surrounding a peaceful koi pond, this space is perfect for portraits or a quiet afternoon with a book.


I’ve always thought that Central Park would be a great location for portraits. With it’s rustic bridge, lazy river, and wild prairie grass, it feels ready made for a morning stroll or a long quiet afternoon on the boardwalk.


John and Shalynn, I had so much fun making these photos with you, and I’m so excited for your wedding! (Please, please bring Ivy.)

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