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March 2, 2018

Fall Engagement Session: Chelsea & Aaron

I was thrilled to return to Virginia for this engagement session. After about eight months of living in Indiana, I was ready to come back to NOVA and see some of my favorite locations and friends.

It was amazing to see how much had changed in just that short amount of time! There’s always major construction going up in the DC area, but sometimes it’s the little things that you really notice–like the new mural on a garage door by the Torpedo Factory. We stopped there for a few photos, and I loved the bright colors and patterns so much!

More importantly, I had a great time getting to know Chelsea and Aaron. I’ll be photographing their wedding in September 2018 at Meadowlark Gardens, but I hadn’t actually met them yet! They started researching photographers after I’d already moved to Indiana, but they still reached out, and I could tell right away that they were my kind of couple. They had read all of my FAQ pages, my top blog posts, and my recommendations for finding a good photographer, and they asked me great questions! They were already being so intentional about planning their wedding to incorporate both their families and friends, and they were using A Practical Wedding Planner to help think through all the details.

I’ve had a great time working with all kinds of couples, but when they have really researched my work and decided it’s the perfect fit for them, I know we are going to create something amazing together.

For this session, we started in Old Town Alexandria with a more casual look and then wrapped up at Gravelly Point with some dressier outfits. Chelsea found her floral print dress on Rent The Runway (which is a great way to get a special one-time use gown for your photo session, engagement party, wedding shower, etc.) 

I have two favorite moments from this day. The first was when Aaron surprised Chelsea with a handwritten card while we were standing in a secluded cobblestone alley. He said he thought it would help her feel loved and relax for our photo session. (See what I mean, this guy is THOUGHTFUL.)

The second was while we were wrapping up at Gravelly Point at sunset and two strangers tried to tell me how to do my job. The first guy was walking by and said, “Hey, you should try over by the water!” (Great idea. Wish I’d thought of that one on my own.) The second guy was zooming past on his bike and shouted over to us, “You know, the light’s not very good right now!”  We all looked at each other for a minute, and then burst out laughing. Aaron said, “Thanks for mansplaining that to us!” and I knew I was going to get along famously with these two.

For the rest of the session, we were all very giggly and I couldn’t help saying things like, “Well, there’s really no point in continuing since the light isn’t very good, but I guess we could try one more thing,” or “I’m really not very good at this. We should try to get that guy on the bike to come back.”

I am pretty sure that joke will never die and I might pull it out again on their wedding. In the meantime, enjoy these photos (some of which were taken in not very good light.)

Aaron and Chelsea, thank you for making this first session back in DC so fun for me! I am so excited for your wedding at Meadowlark Gardens, and I am working really hard to find that bike guy so he can drive by our portraits there.

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