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Family Lifestyle Session

January 10, 2018

Lifestyle Family Session in Westfield, Indiana

This session was the perfect way to launch my family photography here in Indianapolis. This family is not only adorable and stylish and willing to roll with my creative vision, but they have also been some of my family’s best friends and biggest supporters since we moved here.

In the past ten months, they have brought me meals, helped us move heavy furniture, and dropped everything to watch my baby when everyone else in our house was sick. They were some of the first people to meet Silas when he came home from the hospital, and they gave him some little sleeper outfits that became my absolute favorite thing for newborns.

When you know someone really well, you can often skip the preliminaries of small talk and jump right into making really awesome photos. But, on the flip side, small children can be totally thrown off by seeing their friend arrive with two giant cameras strapped to her sides. 

Case in point: we tried out a quick family mini session this fall, and Teddy was unusually serious and quiet. Despite all my best efforts to bring out his killer smile, he just couldn’t get over the cameras. In the end, we got a few great photos of everyone laughing and smiling, but I didn’t think the session captured Teddy’s usually exuberant personality.

We decided to try out a full session and see if Teddy warmed up to the camera a bit more. For these family portraits, we knew we wanted to go with a lifestyle approach and capture the magical feeling of Laura’s house at Christmas time. It’s always been a special holiday for her, but it became something more precious when sweet Teddy arrived two years ago in December. His name, Theodore, means “gift from God” and his middle name, Noel, means “Christmas”, and I think his birthday is going to be the best Christmas gift his family gets to have every year.

This session ended up covering a lot of ground. Laura excels at styling and decorating, and I wanted to show a few of her Christmas decorations (yes, these are just a few). We also managed to squeeze in a quick trip outside as fresh snowflakes drifted down. Teddy wasn’t thrilled about the cold, and I actually love his incredulous expression in these photos–like, “I can’t believe these crazy adults brought me outside in this!” We wrapped up with some photos celebrating Teddy’s birthday, complete with balloons and a custom embroidered shirt. And this time, we definitely captured his big, sparkling personality. 

Thank you, so much, Laura, Andy, and Teddy for making these wonderful images with me and for being one of the best surprises of our new home in Indiana.

PS – I know most families schedule their big photo sessions in the fall so they will have images for their Holiday card, but I think doing an actual Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year’s photo session is kind of an overlooked gem. Your house is already decorated with pretty, shiny things and your kids think everything about the month of December is magical. What do you think, should we make December photo sessions a thing? 

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