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November 4, 2017

Colorful Bohemian Wedding & Housewarming Reception

I’m so excited to share my first wedding in downtown Indianapolis! Since moving to Indiana this year, I’ve been busy settling in, having our second little boy, finding a new community, and nesting in our new home. But even though I absolutely needed to take time off of my work for awhile, I really missed shooting weddings. 

A few months ago, I felt ready to start exercising my creative side again, and I started looking for some small, unique weddings to focus on this fall. Thanks to the magic of Facebook, I was connected to Jordyn and Mark, who were planning an intimate, colorful celebration using traditional elements in a non-traditional way.

When I met them for coffee, I really fell in love with their story as much as their creative vision. They were introduced two years ago at Jordyn’s church in the heart of Indianapolis. Jordyn’s father is both founder and pastor of the church, so Mark had the somewhat daunting task of dating the pastor’s daughter. Fortunately, Jordyn’s family loved him from the start and welcomed him into their church and their family, and Jordyn’s brother actually became Mark’s best man in the process.

After getting engaged, Jordyn and Mark wanted to focus on their long-term goals for their marriage, so they decided to put their savings toward a new home rather than a large wedding and use their new space for a cozy housewarming reception. Their vision for the house and their wedding day was a colorful mix of rustic and bohemian pieces with lots of DIY elements, including their large wall display and wedding arch.

I absolutely loved Jordyn’s bold bridal look with a mustard yellow skirt, lace bodysuit, and fall-inspired floral crown. Her sweet bridesmaid and best friend (also named Jordan!) wore a simple navy skirt and lace top that easily converted into a chic after party look.

There was so much love and care packed into this wedding day. It was a whole-community effort with Jordyn’s dad marrying the two, church members coordinating the wedding, and Jordyn’s mom and friends helping to serve homemade brunch at their new home (I can personally vouch for the quiche being delicious!)

I could go on and on about all these lovely people, but I’m going to let the photos take if from here.

Jordyn and Mark, thank you for trusting me to capture your beautiful relationship. I was so honored to be part of your wedding day. Thanks for welcoming me to Indy and helping me launch this new chapter of my life and business!

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