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July 27, 2016

Wedding at St Francis Hall: Caitlin & Cam

Caitlin and Cam have the sweetest love story. They met several times over the years through mutual friends, but never dated until last summer. Cam became interested in Caitlin when he started reading her posts on Facebook. He was increasingly captivated by her way of seeing the world and finally wrote to say how much he enjoyed one of her posts. In no time, they were writing long messages back and forth, and Caitlin says they fell in love through these letters. If you think this sounds like a modern-day Jane Austen love story, you’re not alone!

There were so many beautiful and heartfelt moments during this wedding day. One of my favorites was seeing all the kids celebrate the newlyweds. Caitlin is a grade school teacher, and she invited all her students to attend the ceremony and join her for photos afterwards. I love the images of her and Cam coming back into the church and seeing all the kids waiting for them. 

Of course, I was also thrilled to be shooting at St Francis Hall in DC again. I loved making portraits in the monastery gardens, and the hall has such beautiful natural light and high ceilings.  It was a perfect setting to celebrate Cam and Caitlin’s storied romance.   

  1. Deborah Torres says:

    Beautiful! What a tremendous blessing to have the class children invited and their own celebration cake! Thank for spreading the joy, giving the kids a memory and experience they will never forget as they were part of their most beloved teachers wedding! You are a truly remarkable woman and it is sheer joy to be welcomed into this major life event! Beautiful photos for a well deserving couple! –Deborah Torres (mom to DC Torres – a student who adores you Caitlin and from time to time happily wonders aloud how Mrs. Nunery is doing!)

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