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Portraits, Washington DC

July 20, 2016

Maternity Session in Georgetown: Katelyn & Tyler

It’s been a busy wedding season for me this summer, but I loved taking a break from the wedding world to meet these expecting parents. I feel such a connection to couples in this time of waiting after having my first child last year, and I absolutely loved working with Katelyn and Tyler to create these images. 

I loved seeing the dynamic between these two. Katelyn has a very calm and wise presence–it’s hard to believe she’s a first-time mom when you talk with her about pregnancy and birth. Meanthile, Tyler has a great sense of humor and playfulness that is a perfect complement to her. Between the two of them, I know their son will feel so loved when he arrives later this summer.

  1. Thom carter says:

    Love, love, love! They put a big smile on my face!

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