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June 16, 2016

Wedding at the Hotel Monaco: Jen & Ben

I have loved getting to know these two! To borrow a phrase from the Maid of Honor’s toast, they have a love story fit for a TV medical drama. Jen, the beautiful dietician met Ben, the handsome Psychiatry resident, at the children’s hospital where there were working. Their connection was instant, and they quickly started dating. Three years later, he proposed during a family vacation with a beautiful mountain backdrop. 

Family plays a central role in both their lives, and Ben and Jen really focused on welcoming their family and friends into their wedding celebration. During our first meeting, they explained how they wanted their wedding to be as convenient and comfortable as possible for their guests. Choosing the Hotel Monaco in Alexandria meant everyone could stay on location and also enjoy a long weekend in a beautiful city. 

Despite being, you know, a tall handsome doctor, Ben is a total sweetheart. He was so ready to defer to whatever made Jen happy and was great at taking direction from me.  Throughout the day, I was always looking up and seeing him deep in conversation with friends and family. His close relationship with his siblings was so evident in their wry, witty speech at the reception, which totally had me laughing along with everyone else.

And, I just have to say, Jen is the kind of bride we all dream of photographing. She’s kind and thoughtful and organized and, on top of it all, absolutely gorgeous. She was so prompt in filling out my questionnaire and answering emails and updating our timeline, but she also managed to be relaxed and pretty carefree on her wedding day. Despite the drizzle and somewhat grimy sidewalks, she was eager to do outdoor portraits and didn’t even need help carrying her voluminous skirt and cathedral length veil. I honestly don’t know how she did it–especially in near stilettos-but she made it look easy!

Ok, I could go on about Ben and Jen all day, but the photos speak for themselves.

Ben and Jen, thank you for including me in this joyful celebration. It was my pleasure to capture this day and these memories for you and your families!

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