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June 4, 2016

Wedding in Leesburg, Virginia: Matthew & Laurie

I have been so excited for this wedding ever since I met Laurie and Matthew this spring. When we had our first consultation, I was absolutely amazed by the kind and gentle way they treated one another. They each deferred to the other as I asked questions about them and their relationship and both wanted the other to tell the story of their engagement. It was so clear that they both loved and respected each other, and I couldn’t wait to capture their relationship.

When I asked how they chose Rose Hill Manor as their wedding venue, they said they felt an immediate connection to it’s old world charm and personality. They described their sense of style as very “Pride and Prejudice” and “Downtown Abbey” and told me they often felt they were born in the wrong century. When they walked into the house, they just knew “This is it!”

Though they hoped for a sunny day so they could have an outdoor ceremony, a fast moving summer storm hit at exactly the wrong time. Fortunately, Heather at Willow Oak Herbs was able to change the floral arrangements from covering the pergola to adorning the interior windows for the (now) indoor ceremony. The space was lovely, and the light from the windows was stunning as they said their vows. 

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that the wedding details are never as important to me as the couple and the people surrounding them. Fortunately, Laurie and Matt were totally on the same page. At our consultation, they said they wanted me to capture not only the moments between them, but also how their family and friends felt throughout the day because they are both so close to their families. 

I have to share one more thing that I absolutely loved. When I asked what Matthew wanted to remember, he said, “That face,” meaning Laurie’s dazzling smile. He explained that she gets the giggles sometimes and can’t talk. And Laurie just smiled. 

I hope you enjoy this day as much as I did!



  1. Beautiful! Great job Rachael!

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