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November 11, 2015

Horse Country Wedding: Meredith & Josh

Meredith and Josh met due to their shared love for animals. It all started when Meredith stopped in at a pet store where Josh was working part time. She recalls that he was nice to her and her “crazy” dog and even carried things out to her car. She thought, I’m going to marry him! And Josh evidently felt the same because shortly later he “chased her down” and asked her out. 

A little over two years later, they wed at the Tea Barn at Fairhill with two of their horses looking on over the ceremony.  Meredith and the horses wore braids and matching flowers in their hair, and this free-spirited bride completed her look with peacock blue cowboy boots, a pink ombre gown, and leather bracelets inscribed with the names of her other horses. 

Josh and Meredith decorated the Teabarn in equine style, using names and photos of racehorses (their own ex-racers and some of the most famous and recognizable thoroughbreds of all) and gilded horse shoes and stirrups from Meredith’s tack supply.  For this fall wedding, their centerpieces included pumpkins painted with love notes and well-wishes by Meredith’s fourth-grade students. 

My favorite memories from this wedding are the two moments when Meredith cried: first when she saw her horses waiting in the barn and again when she read letters from her students.

These two are total sweethearts with each other, their families, their four-legged children, and pretty much everyone they meet.  I loved their sincerity and playful silliness, and I was honored to capture the start of their marriage. 

Josh and Meredith, thank you so much for including me in your beautiful and joyful wedding day! I loved being present with you and your families at the start of your marriage, and capturing these moments for you to relive over a lifetime of love and happiness. 

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