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January 22, 2015

Wedding Albums & Parent Albums

I love creating beautiful albums for my couples and their families! My albums include tons of options for customization: shape, size, cover material, color, imprinting, and photo cutouts–to name a few. All these options can be a little overwhelming when you are starting from scratch, so I like to periodically share my recent album projects to give you an idea of how a finished book will look.

The image above shows two recent album projects. In both cases, I designed a wedding album (the two on the top) and also created two parent albums (the two on the bottom).

So, what is the different between a wedding album and a parent album? I’m glad you asked 🙂 Wedding albums feature premium leather materials, nearly endless photo and material cover layouts, and luxuriously thick unbendable pages. Parent albums feature real photographic prints on thinner pages with fabric and faux leather cover materials. They are the same size and shape as the wedding albums and have the same photo layout inside, but their cover designs are limited to single materials and small, square photo cutouts. 

Below is a close-up of one of my premium leather wedding albums. It has a large photo cutout, beautiful gray leather, thick white pages, and a gorgeous square spine!

And this is the matching parent album design featuring gray faux suede, a smaller photo cutout, and thinner pages and spine. As you can see, it’s a beautiful book that’s just a bit thinner, lighter, and less expensive than the leather wedding album. 

Here’s another beautiful example of a wedding album where my couple has chosen a two-tone leather cover instead of a photo cutout. I love the dramatic texture on the chocolate colored leather! Also, notice that this album design is a rectangle cover rather than a square. Shape is one of the first decisions we make about albums as it determines the dimensions for your custom layout design. 

For their parent albums, this couple chose two different silk fabrics in complementary gray-blue tones. 

The best thing about designing an album is hearing from my happy couples and their families about how much they love and enjoy their book: 

“Rachael–I can’t thank you enough for all three of the gorgeous albums!! George and I are blown away by our album in particular as it is exactly what we envisioned (only more fabulous). And my mom cried when she went through her album. We are both looking forward to reliving the day over and over again each time we look at the beautiful pages.”

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