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December 5, 2014

McLean, Virginia Wedding: Micah & Katie

I officially love November weddings. They have all the glamor of wintry trees and cool colors without the freezing temperatures that make outdoor photos a challenge. And when you have a couple adorable romantics like Katie and Micah, you are in for some beautiful pictures!

Micah and Katie were married at the church where they met, so we were able to capture lots of special places in their wedding photos. Their reception was full of personality and fun. As two accomplished swing dancers, Katie and Micah had a full brass band and a swing lesson for all their guests. 

Micah also surprised Katie with a special serenade from him and his fellow VA Tech marching band members. Check out her reaction–it’s priceless!

Katie and Micah, it was such an honor to work with you and your families. I’ve literally never had a more organized bride! But throughout all the planning meetings and emails, it was clear that you never lost sight of the most important things. Your wedding was a beautiful celebration of your love and marriage and the people who matter most to you. Thank you for including me in this joyful day. 

  1. Katie says:

    Such a wonderful day! Thank you Rachael for capturing these amazing memories for us!

  2. Robin Wooldridge says:

    Awesome pictures of the most adorable couple! Katie, you are a gorgeous young woman whose beauty shines from within and to have been blessed enough to find your love returned by such an amazing young man as Micah, well, I would have to say that you are well and truly blessed!

  3. Roberta Pifer says:

    These are amazing shots! I have been friends with Katie’s mother since we were in elementary school and I was so glad to see her beautiful daughter, husband and family. To see the joy in everyone’s eyes is breath taking. God bless this union.

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